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We have started work on a major new feature for the InfoBurst Platform. In Build 232, we will introduce version 1 (V1) of the InfoBurst Portal. Initially, the portal will allow users to:

  • Deliver report content back to the InfoBurst Platform
  • Consume the content in an HTML5-based,┬ámobile-friendly web portal
  • Store and view report history (versions)
  • Sort, search, and filter portal content
  • Secure portal content based on InfoBurst user group access

We are also considering a Burst subscription feature which would allow portal users to opt in to receive content from Bursts to which they have access. We're not sure yet if subscriptions will make it into V1.

Please let us know what you think. We welcome your ideas.

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InfoBurst Portal development continues. We still anticipate V1 of the portal will be included in Build 232. Below are a few screenshots. As we're still in development, layouts and other aspects of the delivery and portal UIs may change.

InfoBurst Portal will be a new destination.


Burst content is delivered to portal folders. Just like a Network Share delivery, you have full control over creation of new folders and folder naming conventions.


For the Performance By City report below, content is automatically versioned. No need to use date macros for versioning like with Network Share and SharePoint deliveries. Content is automatically organized by format type and data. This report was burst for City and delivered in both PDF and HTML formats. The New icon is displayed whenever a content group contains a new piece of content you have not viewed.


Content is rendered automatically within the InfoBurst Portal. The following is an HTML version of the report. Notice the Content and History sections on the left. Browse between content from different report tabs (Content) and different versions of the report (History).


The following is the PDF version of the same report.


Build 235 will include the option to delete individual versions.

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