InfoBurst Mobile Apps

We have begun the process of developing a suite of mobile apps for the InfoBurst Platform. These new apps will be available cross-platform (iOS, Android, etc.) and will offer task-specific functionality like content consumption and dashboard viewing.

Initially we are working on three apps:

  • IB Portal: Consume content delivered to the InfoBurst portal
  • IB Apps: Consume dashboard apps (HTML5/dCoded Xcelsius)
  • IB Ops: Monitor system health, receive critical alerts, re-run failed jobs

We are planning to release the first versions of the IB Portal and IB Apps apps in Q3 2017. The first version of IB Ops is targeted for Q4 2017.

Receive email updates about our progress by clicking the Follow button on this forum. We want to hear from you. Please share your ideas about mobile InfoBurst apps by adding your comments to this forum. 

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Here are a few preview images from the IB Portal app (including an annotation feature).



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