OData Reporting

In Build 233 we will introduce the first version of OData Reporting. InfoBurst already provides a series of tables in the InfoBurst repository that contain delivery, user audit, and burst/XDC runtime information. Until now object metadata has been inaccessible. The InfoBurst Platform will now expose object metadata for reporting via OData. By accessing OData feeds, users will be able to extract detail information about objects like users and groups, schedules, bursts, deliveries, and more.


Build 233 will be just the first version of InfoBurst Reporting. The types of information available via OData will grow based on feedback by users like you.

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Here are a few images of InfoBurst OData feeds being consumed from Microsoft Excel.




Thanks to feedback from InfoBurst users, OData has received numerous enhancements in our upcoming Build 234.

New OData functions include:

  • BurstsAborted: Returns all aborted bursts in a date range.
  • BurstsAbortedThisMonth: Returns all aborted bursts in the current month.
  • BurstsAbortedToday: Returns all aborted burst on the current day.
  • BurstExecution: Returns runtime summary information for all bursts in a date range.
  • BurstExecutionToday: Returns runtime summary information for all bursts on the current day.
  • BurstsNotInAnySchedule: Returns all bursts not referenced in a schedule.
  • BurstsNotRun: Returns all bursts that have never been executed.
  • DocumentsNotInAnyBurst: Returns all document not referenced in a burst.
  • ObjectsOwnedBy: Returns all objects owned by a specific InfoBurst user.

Existing OData feeds have also been enhanced.

Check out the following tutorial:

System Reporting with OData

Is OData still available for reporting in the latest version?

Hey Rene. The OData service is still available.

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