Qlik (.QVX) Support

Our upcoming Build 233 will include a preview of the Qlik .QVX format as a publishing option for WebI. The feature will be officially documented in Build 234, but you are welcome to try out the feature if you use Qlik and are interested in generating .QVX files from a WebI report.

Create a QVX from WebI:

  • Add a Web Intelligence document to a Burst
  • Configure Parameter Source/Document Source/Filter for QVX bursting if applicable
  • Add a Delivery
  • Configure Destination
  • Configure Format
  • Format: Tableau Data Extract
  • Use first row as column headers: Uncheck if first row does not contain column headers
  • Tab to extract from: Select report tab report block
  • Report Block Leave blank if target report block is first report block on selected tab.
  • Provide report block name if target report block is other than first block on tab.Save burst and add to schedule (if applicable)

Please feel free to add your feedback about this feature to this forum. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Build 233 is now available and includes .QVX bursting. Try it out and let us know what you think.

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