The InfoBurst development team is working on a subscription feature. The new feature will allow end users to subscribe to existing bursts and schedules to which they have access via the InfoBurst Portal. Stay tuned for details.

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The current idea is to allow a Burst to be created that has a Document with an Email delivery where instead of defining the recipients up-front, these would be managed dynamically via the Portal under a new section "My Subscriptions".

The Delivery would have a new option "Manage via Subscription" to opt-in for this.

Once the Burst has been added to a Schedule, it would be presented to Portal users based on their access to the Schedule itself (so this could be controlled by Folder Security).

If the Document has prompts, there needs to be a way where the user can select only values that they are allowed to .. so the main challenge is how best to manage this.

We are looking at two options

1. Extend the Authentication Source to allow columns that would represent data values, such as State, Dept etc.  The IB Admin could then lock down certain values for users (so user John is restricted to the States "Arizona" and "California")

2. For Webi, leverage the BO security for the User and query the Prompts LOV.  This would require that each Portal user had a BO logon defined in their IB Account)

We would like to hear your thoughts on this feature and how we can implement it so that it meets the needs of as many as possible.

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