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OPEN error "Request failed with Http Status=408" or catalog failure

The following error in the burst Activity Log occurs on OPEN of a WebI document:

Request failed with Http Status=408

This issue can also present itself when cataloging/re-cataloging a WebI document with the following error:

One or more errors occurred. => A task was cancelled.

During OPEN a call is made to BusinessObjects to GET PARAMETERS. A 20 second timeout on this was introduced in Build 233 GR. These issues can occur if the call exceeds 20 seconds.

This timeout will be addressed in Build 234. Please contact the help desk if you encounter this issue and we can help you with potential workarounds.


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What's this timeout on Build 232 FP1 ? Is the timeout setting same for both Deski and Webi? 

"Is the timeout setting same for both Deski and Webi?"

I'm not familiar with the setting you cite here. I am referring to a timeout that is part of our code that refers specifically to a call by InfoBurst to BusinessObjects to GET PARAMETERS as part of the OPEN process. It is not something you can configure at present.

I'm referring to the same timeout setting that's part of your code as you mentioned in your reply and wanted to know the timeout setting value in Build 232, as I have encountered a similar error where it said unable to open a document with in 30sec.  not sure if these are related and hence wanted to know more on this.  Let me know if you want me open a ticket or provide any further info.

I recommend logging a ticket. As I stated in the original issue description, the timeout was introduced in Build 233.

This issue is resolved in InfoBurst Platform Build 234.

The timeout was raised to 10 minutes in Build 234. We then found that in some environments BusinessObjects took more than 10 minutes to respond to the GET PARAMETERS call. Because of this, the timeout was removed starting in Build 234 FP1.

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