OData for XDC Cache Query

One of our XDC users inquired about the ability to consume a Cache Query via OData for use in Microsoft's Power Query. OData is an open data format that would extend access to the InfoBurst cache to any data visualization tool that supports OData V4. Based on that feedback we are exploring the option to expose XDC Cache Query via OData in our upcoming Build 235.

Here are a few preview images of OData access to a Cache Query using Excel Power BI:

Stay tuned.

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I’ve been working with the OData Feeds for InfoBurst System Data using Microsoft Power BI recently and the announcement of this new addition for being able to pull in XDC Cache (and Cache Query) data through this same way is very exciting!

Additionally, I recently discovered that OData allows direct access to each table and function individually. (e.g. http://[infoburst]:8551/odata/Bursts). This discovery allows the ability to pass in a dynamic parameter value to OData Functions as a data source for Power BI. Using the InfoBurst System Data OData feed function for BurstExecution, we created a dynamic table that pulls all BurstExecution for Year to Date via the OData URL. For example; http://[infoburst]8551:/odata/BurstExecution(v_DateStart, v_DateEnd)

Power BI has some ETL type of capabilities built into the tool, but it can be quite memory intense. With this new ability to pull in XDC as an OData feed, it eliminates the need for Power BI to use resources for this function freeing up resources for the dynamic visualizations on the Dashboards. The visualizations of the Power BI Dashboards with a cached data source act in a fluid behavior.

I look forward to exploring the powerful combination of XDC as OData in the very near future. Thank you for your efforts on this.

Syntax when passing values for multiple Cache Query parameters:

Params: <Param Name>=<Param Value>;<Param Name>=<Param Value>

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