In-Memory XDC

InfoBurst provides a powerful tool set for managing the data for your data visualizations. Using the XDC (XML Data Cache), you can schedule and pre-build a data cache from a variety of sources and make it available for consumption in a data visualization.

One of the key features of XDC is performance. Instead of the end user having to wait for the visualization data to be refreshed, the data is instantly available via Cache Query. For example, a cache of 500,000 rows can be queried in less than half a second. This is possible because the cache is stored on disk on the InfoBurst server.

In our upcoming Build 235, we will be introducing a new XDC feature that will allow you to store the XDC in memory. Based on our benchmark testing, Cache Queries may run up to four times faster!

In the following video, InfoBurst's lead developer John demonstrates the potential of In-Memory XDC:

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In-Memory XDC is available as a preview feature in Build 235. If you are interested in testing the feature for optimized XDC performance, then please open a help desk ticket and we will provide instructions.

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