InfoBurst Webinar #2 - April 5

InfoBurst Webinar #2 will be April 5, 2018 at 2P EDT. Webinar topics will include:

  • Power BI Using OData XDC with Kieth Stanley (BP Alaska)
  • InfoBurst Development Roadmap
  • User Discussion

Registration is required to attend this webinar. Visit the link below to register.

This webinar will be recorded and posted to this forum if you are unable to attend.

We want to hear from you. Reply to this forum to let us know what topics you would like covered in upcoming webinars.

Hi Bryan,

First, thank you for the Webinar it was very informative and the presenters we great!

We have not yet upgraded from build 231 so I have not had the opportunity to use the OData feature (we are planning to upgrade soon!). I have a question regarding Power BI using OData XDC. Did I understand correctly that this connection allows you to get data from a Business Objects report and create a dashboard from Power BI?

Thank you.

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Hey Robin. Currently it is possible to create an XDC (XML Data Cache) using data from a WebI document. The cache can then be consumed via an SAP Dashboard. In Build 235 you will be able to consume the same XDC via OData from a tool like Power BI.

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