This article describes how to manage Network Folders. InfoBurst can deliver files to or read files from a Network Folder. The InfoBurst administrator registers Network Folders for use in Deliveries. Network Folders is located under System.

The InfoBurst administrator can optionally allow users to define unregistered Network Folders in Deliveries. The user must supply both the folder UNC path and network credentials. Enable UseRegisteredNetworkPaths under System > Configuration > General. Use of this option is not recommended as it makes network credentials and folder access difficult to manage.


The InfoBurst service account must have sufficient access to the network folder (see Installation > Post-Installation > Service Account). The target network folder must be shared on the network.


Network Folders can be used for the following purposes:

Create a Network Folder

  • Select New 
  • UNC Path: Enter the UNC path to the share folder
  • Alias: Enter a descriptive name
  • Select Save 
  • Select Test to confirm access to folder

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