This article describes the Help panel which contains system information, InfoSol Help Desk search, and server tools. The Help panel can be accessed via the white question mark icon in the top right corner of the user interface.

Help Desk

Search the InfoSol Help Desk and access documentation and help desk tickets.

System Information

  • Platform Version: InfoBurst platform version
  • UI Version: User interface version
  • License Type: InfoBurst license type
  • Licensed To: Licensed InfoBurst server


  • System Support Package: Generates a Support Package (ZIP file) containing system logs and information for use by InfoSol Help Desk
  • Schedules Report: Produce Excel report of all schedules and sub-objects within each schedule
  • Users Report: Generates PDF report of all users, their roles, and objects owned
  • Platform Trace: Traces user interface requests to a BI 4.x platform, such as cataloging. This option should only be enabled when requested by InfoSol Help Desk and should be immediately disabled after use.

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