This article describes the Help-About panel which contains system and licensing information and server tools. Help-About is located on the main user interface under the blue/white question mark icon (top right).

  • Version: Platform build version
    • Build number is represented by the last three numbers in the version (example: 2016.10.231 = 231)
  • UI Version: User interface version

Application Details

  • Repository Version: Repository schema version
  • Repository Type: Repository type, location, and name
  • Licensed To: License information


  • System Logs: View, search and download server logs
  • UI Log: Communication log between InfoBurst user interface and service layer. Used for support purposes only.
  • System Monitor: Monitor active system queues and completed jobs
  • System Management: Open System Management user interface
  • Schedules Report: Produce Excel report of all schedules and sub-objects within each schedule
  • Force Logout: Force logout of the user interface should the system become unresponsive
  • Enable Support Options: Session option that allows for unlocking of certain objects and enables access to burst/XDC support package
  • Enable BI4 Tracing: Traces user interface requests to a BI 4.x platform, such as cataloging. This option should only be enabled when requested by InfoSol Help Desk and should be immediately disabled after use.
  • System Support Package: Generates a Support Package (ZIP file) containing system logs and information for use by InfoSol Help Desk
  • IBShell Web Interface: Open the Command Shell interface
  • Knowledge Base: Open the InfoBurst Knowledge Base

  • UI Ready: Status of user interface
  • Avg. Response Time: Average response time of the user interface for a given session based on the total number of commands issued

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