This article describes how to manage document objects.


A Platform or Network Share must be created by an InfoBurst administrator before a document can be cataloged from that source.

Catalog a Document

  • From the main user interface select the New button then Document 
  • Select a source: 
    • Network
      • Select Link to File to make a reference to the file in its parent location. Changes to source document are captured at runtime. 
    • Platform 
    • My Computer
      • Adds a static version of the document
  • Select a document then select OK

View Document Properties

Double-click the document to view its properties.

Copy/Move a Document

  • Right-click the document
  • Select Copy It or Move It
  • Select the destination folder

Rename a Document

Right-click the document and select Rename It

View Document References

View objects that reference a document
  • Right-click the document
  • Select Referenced By

Delete a Document

A document cannot be deleted if it is referenced by another object. Remove all document references before deleting a document.
  • Right-click the document and select Delete It