This article describes document and object management.

Document Management


A Platform or Network Folder must be created by an InfoBurst administrator before a document can be added from that source.

Add a Document

  • Select Manage
  • Select a folder
  • Select the New button then Document 
  • Select a Source Location then select the Select Document(s) button
  • Select a Document then select OK

Update a Document

Updating a Document is only required when:

  • Document parameter, filter variable, or report tab is changed or deleted. The change must be addressed in the Burst after the Document is updated.
  • Document is moved to a new folder on the reporting platform

View Document Properties

Select the Document to view its properties.

Object Management


To create an object:

  • Select Manage then a folder
  • Select the New button then the object type to create

View Object Properties

Hover over an object name to view its properties.


Copies the object to the current folder. Use Advance Mode (below) to copy to a new folder.

  • Select the object
  • Select the Copy button

  • Select the object
  • Update the object name
  • Select the Save button


A document cannot be deleted if it is referenced by another object. Remove all document references before deleting a document. Select the object then the References tab to view references.
  • Select the object
  • Select the Delete button


View objects that reference selected object and view objects that the selected object references.
  • Select the object
  • Select the References tab

Advanced Mode

Select Manage then the pencil icon to open Advanced Mode. Use Advance Mode to manage multiple objects. Moving or copying an object to a new folder can only be achieved using Advanced Mode.

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