This article describes the various tools available in the System Management user interface. The System Management user interface is accessible via web browser at http://<InfoBurst Server>:8551.

System Management

Displays general system information, including license type and system activity.

Repository Setup

Manage repository connections

  • Edit: Select an existing repository connection to edit its description
  • Create New: Create a new, blank repository in an existing database or schema. See Platform Preparation & Installation > Repository Setup for database-specific connection strings
  • Connect Existing: Connect to a database or schema that contains an existing InfoBurst repository. See Platform Preparation & Installation > Repository Setup for database-specific connection strings
  • Activate: Select and activate an existing repository connection
  • Delete: Delete a repository connection

Change Credentials for an Existing Repository

If the database credentials for an existing repository change:
  • Select Connect Existing and define connection to existing repository with new credentials
  • Select new repository connection then Activate

Command Line Repository Management

System Configuration

View and configure various system settings

Command Shell

Web interface to the Command Shell

System Logs

View and download the current and previous Server Logs

Dashboard Tools

Download SAP Dashboard connector add-ons

BI4 Java Ports

View the number of Java ports currently in use. Applies only to BI4 platforms with connection type Java Client.


IB Apps management and documentation

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