This article describes how to change InfoBurst Platform port numbers if required.


  • Changing a port may adversely affect the InfoBurst system. We strongly recommend consulting InfoSol Help Desk via ticket before changing ports.
  • Port 8551 is used by the user interface and dashboard connectors. If the REST port changes any user interface references and/or dashboard connectors must be updated accordingly.

Default Ports

  • SOAP Service (HTTP): 8550 
  • REST Service (HTTP): 8551 
  • IB Mobile (TCP/IP): 8552 
  • IB26 Port (TCP/IP): 8553 
  • Admin Port (TCP/IP): 8555

Change a Port
  • Log into the Command Shell
  • Enter Set Config <Port_Name>="<Port_Number>"
    • SoapServicePort
    • RestServicePort
    • AdminServicePort
    • IB26ServicePort
  • Restart the InfoBurstPlatform service