This article describes the InfoBurst disaster recovery model and process.

Disaster Recover Model

The InfoBurst Disaster Recover (DR) model is passive. In the event of a production InfoBurst server outage, the disaster recovery server is enabled manually and connected to the production InfoBurst repository. The steps are described below.

The DR process may vary based on your specific disaster recovery requirements. Please contact the InfoSol Help Desk for assistance tailoring a DR process for your requirements.


The InfoBurst license agreement permits one licensed server to be used for disaster recovery. The DR server is separate from any licensed production or test server(s). The DR server may only be enabled in the event of a production server failure or for testing purposes. Please contact your InfoSol account manager for detail licensing information.

DR Server Software Installation

  • Install InfoBurst on the DR server 
    • Software version installed on DR must match software version on the production server 
    • Do not create a repository connection during installation. The connection will be established when the DR server is activated. 
  • Obtain a license for the DR server and store in the application root folder (default = C:\Program Files\InfoSol\InfoBurstPlatform)
  • Ensure server dependencies match the production server (see Move an Application Server > Recommendations)
  • Stop and disable the InfoBurst service

Enable the DR Server

Follow these steps to disable the InfoBurst production server and enable the InfoBurst DR server.

Connect the Repository

  • Stop and disable the InfoBurst service on the production server (if applicable)
  • Enable and start the InfoBurst service on the DR server
  • Use Connect to an Existing Repositoryto create a new connection to the production repository
  • Restart the InfoBurst service

Update ServerName

  • Select System > Configuration
  • Category: Select General
  • Select ServerName
  • Value: Enter server name of Server #2
  • Select Save

Update UIURL

  • Select System > Configuration
  • Category: Select General
  • Select UIURL
  • Enter InfoBurst server URL (e.g. http://<SERVER>:8554)
  • Select Save

Apply the DR Server License

  • Open a Remote Desktop session to the InfoBurst server
  • Open the application root folder (default = C:\Program Files\InfoSol\InfoBurstPlatform)
  • Double-click license.exe to launch the license manager
  • Select and delete the production server license
  • Install the DR server license key
  • Restart the InfoBurst Platform Server service

Script License Management

Use the Command Line License Manager to optionally script (automate) application of the DR server license key.

Disable the DR Server

Reverse the steps listed under Enable the DR Server to disable the DR server and enable the production server.

XDC Users
  • Re-run XDCs to build caches on the DR server
  • Update dashboard connections to reflect DR server name/address