This article describes the IBMaint utility. IBMaint.exe is a command line utility that provides various server administration tools.

  • Open a command prompt (Run as administrator)
  • Change directory to the application root folder (default = C:\Program Files\InfoSol\InfoBurst)
  • Enter IBMaint to list options
  • Enter number of desired utility at ? prompt


IBMaint activity is logged in ibmaint.txt, located in the application root folder (default = C:\Program Files\InfoSol\InfoBurst). IBMaint log is overwritten with each use. Extract the log prior to next use to preserve log contents if desired.


  • Active Directory Sync: Debug option for Active Directory Sync. Do not use unless advised by InfoSol Help Desk.
  • SSL Cert Info: List details of SSL certificate applied to InfoBurst server
  • Check Bursts: Checks burst document types against platform type. Do not use unless advised by InfoSol Help Desk.
  • Check a Burst: Check a single burst by ID for invalid document links and fix up references. Do not use unless advised by InfoSol Help Desk.
  • Check License: Display license information
  • Check Repo Links: Checks object references, repair broken links and removes invalid links. Do not use unless advised by InfoBurst support. Requires repository backup.
  • Check Users: pending
  • Disable All Schedules: Disables all time/date schedules. Event-only schedules cannot be disabled.
  • Delete Objects: Delete an object from the repository. Do not use unless advised by InfoSol Help Desk.
  • Enable All Schedules: Enable any schedules that disabled
  • List Parameters: List all parameters associated with all cataloged documents
  • List APK: List dashboards packaged for Android
  • List iOS: List dashboards packaged for iOS
  • Migrate Platform: Migrate a BusinessObjects platform
  • Purge APK: Purge all dashboards packaged for Android
  • Purge iOS: Purge all dashboards packaged for iOS
  • Re-set ADMIN Password: Reset the password for default ADMIN user
  • Re-build Parameters: Rebuild the parameters list based on currently cataloged documents. Removes unused parameters.
  • Reset AD Sync: Decouples InfoBurst from Active Directory (result of sync). Do not use unless advised by InfoSol Help Desk.
  • Remap Burst: Re-map burst from XI3 DeskI to XI3 WebI
  • Reset Simulate All Bursts: Disables 'Simulate Deliveries' in all burst after using IBMAINT option Simulate All Bursts
  • RPL %20 for WebDAV Delivery: This option is only used by users that have migrated from InfoBurst 2.x. Option checks WebDAV delivery for encoded spaces (%20) and replaces them with spaces.
  • Simulate All Bursts: Enables 'Simulate Deliveries' in all bursts
  • Set Processing Mode for DeskI: Set processing mode for all DeskI documents in existing bursts
  • Unlock All Bursts: Unlock any locked bursts
  • Unlock All XDCs: Unlock any locked XDCs
  • Update PlatformUpdate details of an existing platform
  • Validate Folder: Validate all documents in a folder
  • Validate PlatformValidate all documents from an existing platform
  • Extract iOS: Extract IPA files for packaged dashboards