This article describes the features of the main InfoBurst Platform user interface.


The user interface is available at http://[IB_SERVER]:8551/infoburst.

User Interface


  1. Settings: System settings including platform, network share and system configurations
  2. Users: User and Group management
  3. Audit Logs Tab: User audit logs
  4. Activity Logs Tab: Activity Logs
  5. Schedule Tab: Listing of jobs (scheduled, executed and completed) and their status for the current 24 hour period
  6. Root Folder: Folder under which other folders can be created
  7. My Home: User's personal folder
  8. New Object Menu: Menu used to add and create objects
  9. Display Area: Listing of all objects in the selected folder
  10. Object Icon: Icons representing system objects
  11. Object Display Slider: Scale the size of object icons in the Display Area from detail to large/thumbnail view
  12. Object Filter: Filter objects listed in Display Area by type
  13. Clear Filter: Clear object filter
  14. Search: Search for objects by name (supports wildcards like A*)
  15. Edit Profile: Access to user's profile
  16. Log Off
  17. Help/About: System information and monitoring options
  18. Workspace: Drag and drop objects to create Bursts, XDCs, and schedules

 Idle Timeout

Idle users will be automatically logged out after 20 minutes. The timeout is not a configurable. The user session is saved on timeout. When the user logs in after a timeout, the user is returned to same location in the user interface where the timeout occurred.

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