This article describes the properties of report documents. Document properties can vary based on document type.


Right-click the document and select Properties

  • Name: Displays the document name. The name can be changed and the change will not affect the original document.
  • Description: Displays the document description from BusinessObjects. The description can be changed and the change will not affect the original document.
  • Status: The green check icon indicates the document has been successfully cataloged. The red x indicates the document was not successfully cataloged.

  • Platform: Source platform
  • Document ID: Platform ID
  • Document CUID: Cluster-unique platform ID (BusinessObjects only)
  • Path: Platform path
  • Contexts: Context is displayed if document uses context (BusinessObjects only)
  • Database Logins: Displayed when a Crystal document contains a database connection requiring credentials. Select the green plus icon to add credentials.
  • Synchronize name with name of document on the platform: Option keeps document name in sync with the source document name. If the source document name changes, then the document name in InfoBurst will be updated to match. Enabling this option disables ability to rename synced documents (BusinessObjects only).
  • Use Parts for Xml Data Caches: Enable to display report part images when adding a document to an XDC (BusinessObjects only)


This tab is visible only when the document contains one or more parameters.
  • Parameter(s) are listed in the left box
  • Select a parameter to view details
    • Name: Parameter name
    • Value(s):
      • Select Embed to view default value(s) for the parameter
      • Select LOV to view the list of values associated with this parameter (from universe)
  • Multi Value: Indicates whether the parameter can accept multiple values
  • LOV Return Size: Number of values to return when selecting LOV option (above)

IB Filters

This tab is visible only for Crystal documents where the document contains one or more #IB# filter parameters.

Report Tabs

This tab is visible when the document contains report tabs.


This tab displays report variables for Web Intelligence documents.

Delivery Log

The delivery log contains detail information about the delivery of document content.

Action Log

The action log contains details about actions associated with a document.