This article describes the File List object. A File List can utilize an Excel or text file from a Network Share as its source and is used as a Data Source.


Use a File List for:

  • Parameter and filter values
  • Delivery email list

Create a File List

To create an object, select Manage then a folder.

  • Select New > File List
  • Name: Enter a name
  • Source: Select a source
  • Select the Select File button to select a file
  • Select the Save button

  • Default Column: Enter default column to return when source contains multiple columns
  • Condition: Enter condition to refine values returned
    • Example: State='AZ'
  • Use Formatted Values: Enabled this option to return raw data types from Excel (STRING/NUMBER/DATE). Disable the option to use Excel formatted values (all values returned as STRING).


To preview (test) the File List, define a Default Column and save. Then select the double arrow button (right). Remove the Default Column and save if you do not intend to use a default column (recommended).

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