This article describes the LDAP Connection. The LDAP Connection required for the LDAP List. Consult your Active Directory administrator for details about configuring the LDAP connection.

Create an LDAP Connection
  • From the main user interface select the New button then LDAP Connection
  • Name: Enter a connection name
  • Server: Enter an Active Directory server name
  • User: Enter an Active Directory user name
    • Example: <Domain>\<User>
  • Password: Enter an Active Directory password
  • Port: Enter port (optional)
  • Max Results: Enter maximum number of results for an LDAP query (optional)
  • Timeout: Time out a long-running or unresponsive LDAP query after X seconds
  • Select the Add button to add the connection
  • Default DN: Select default DN
  • Select the Save button

Explore Connection

Select Root DN then explore attributes associated with that DN.

  • Select Explore Connection
  • Root DN: Select Root DN
  • Select a folder to view underlying attributes
  • Filter: Provide a filter value to filter the resulting attributes
  • Select the 1028_003.png button to create a new LDAP List based on selection(s)