The MultiColumn List is a tabular Data Source which can be managed within the InfoBurst user interface.


Use a MultiColumn List for:

Create a MultiColumn List

To create an object, select Manage then a folder.

  • Select New MultiColumn List 
  • Name: Enter a name
  • Select the Add Column button
  • Add one or more columns
  • Select the Save button

Select Choose File to create MultiColum List from local Excel.

New Column

  • Select the Add Column button
  • Name: Enter a column name
  • Type: Select data type
  • Select a sort order (optional)
  • Add Another Column: Add an additional columns after selecting the Add button. Uncheck the box to finish adding columns.
  • Select the Add button

New Row

  • Enter row value(s)
  • Select the Add button


  • Default Column: Select default column (optional)
  • Clear All Columns and Data: Use to import new data into existing list from Excel

Edit Row

Update Row

  • Select a row to edit values
  • Select the Save Row button

Delete Row

  • Select the trash button to delete the row

Edit Column

Update Column

  • Select a column to update
  • Select the Save button

Delete Column

  • Select the column to delete
  • Select the Delete button


Select the Export button (top right) to export MultiColumn List as Excel.


Enter <COLUMN:VALUE> to filter a column (example: State:California)

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