This article describes the MultiColumn List data source. Use the MultiColumn List to manage bursting parameter values, delivery email addresses and other data.

Create a MultiColumn List
  • From the main user interface select the New button then MultiColumn List
  • Add Column
    • Name: Enter a column name
    • Type: Select data type
    • Set Value: Provide an initial column value
    • Add and continue: add additional columns upon select Add button
      • Uncheck this option and select Add to finish adding columns
      • To add column names from report prompts, select the X to bypass Add Columns dialog and select Add prompts from report

List Options
  • Default Column: Select default column (optional)
  • Add prompts from report: Generate column names based on prompt names in a report document
    • Example: Document has prompt Enter value(s) for State:. Enter value(s) for State: will be added as column.
  • Export to Excel: Export list contents to Excel

Add List Values

  • Select a cell to enter a value
  • Select another cell or keyboard Enter to save change

Column Management
  • Select the yellow pencil button to edit the name of or delete an existing column
  • Select the green plus button to add a new column