This article provides an overview of the Burst. Please review content in Document Bursting, Publishing, & Delivery for details about Burst usage scenarios.

What is a Burst?

The Burst is a unit of execution containing one or more documents or queries. The Burst can contain documents of varying types and each document can have one or more deliveries. The Burst is used to control bursting parameters/filters, publication formats and delivery destinations. The Burst can then be scheduled for regular execution. Burst document types include:

  • Web Intelligence
  • Crystal Reports
  • Tableau Data Extract (TDE)
  • Tableau Workbook (TWBX)
  • Desktop Intelligence
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Dashboards
  • Database Queries
  • Static documents (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, SWF, Text, ZIP)

Burst Security

When a Burst is executed the Provider Logon credentials associated with the executing user are applied to any documents within the Burst. When a user adds a burst to a schedule, that user's Provider Logon credentials are used to execute any bursts/documents within the schedule.

Burst Panel


  1. Name: Burst name
  2. 1038_010.png: Burst description

  3. List By: List burst documents by original document name or customized document instance name

  4. Toggle All Documents: Select and apply a document status (Disable Next, Disable, Enable) for all Burst documents. Optionally changed status on a per-document basis after toggling status for all documents.

  5. Documents: Document(s) in the Burst

  6. Document bursting, delivery, and processing options

  7. Burst Properties

  8. History

  9. Summary: PDF summary of Burst configuration

  10. Burst Now: Execute the Burst on-demand

  11. Disable: Disable the Burst

  12. Document Search: Select to toggle document search. Enter search value in resulting Search field.


Add, remove, and manage documents in the Documents section of the Burst.

List By
  • Document Name: Select to list by original document name
  • Unique Custom Name: Select to change document instance name. Hover over document name and select yellow pencil button to change document instance name.

Toggle All Documents
  • Disable Next: Set all documents to disabled only for next execution.
  • Disable: Disable all documents
  • Enable: Enable all documents

Document Order

Documents can be re-ordered by clicking and dragging the document to the desired location in the list. Documents will execute in the order listed when generation mode is sequential. Document order will also dictate order of content when Content Grouping is used.

Status Icons

Document refresh is enabled. Click to disable refresh.
Document refresh is disabled. Click to enable refresh.
Document is enabled. Click to disable
Document is disabled. Click to enable.
No delivery defined for the document
Document contains one or more parameters that require values

Data Links

Data Links tab displays document parameters.

Document Source

A Document Source is used to supply values to all parameters/filters for a document using a single database query or Excel File List.

Parameter Sources

Assign data sources or static values to individual document parameters.


Define a filter to burst the document using single-pass bursting.


Define one or more deliveries for a document. Enable and disable a delivery using the green and red status icons.



View current and past Activity Logs.

Burst Properties
Configure various burst options, including Generation Mode, Actions, and Content Grouping.

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