This article provides an overview of the Burst. Please review content in Bursting, Publishing, & Delivery for details about Burst usage scenarios.

What is a Burst?

The Burst is a unit of execution containing one or more documents or queries. The Burst can contain items of varying types and each item can have one or more deliveries. The Burst is used to control bursting parameters/filters, publication formats and delivery destinations. The Burst can then be scheduled for regular execution. Burst items can include:

  • Web Intelligence
  • Crystal Reports
  • Tableau Workbook (TWB/TWBX)
  • Power BI Reports and Paginated Reports
  • Microsoft Reporting Services
  • Database Queries
  • SharePoint Lists
  • Static documents (Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, PDF, Text, ZIP)

Burst Sections


  • Processing Options: Control Burst-level Processing Options
  • Simulate Deliveries: Enable Simulate Deliveries to test Burst functionality without delivering content
  • Email on Abort:  Send email notification to executing user when Burst aborts
  • Support Package: Select to download Burst Support Package (zip). Provide the Support Package when reporting a Burst issue to the InfoSol Help Desk.
  • Summary: Select to download a PDF summary of Burst configuration
  • Recent Activity: View Burst runtime logs
  • Create Schedule: Select Create Schedule for this Burst hyperlink to create a new Shedule that includes the Burst



  • Select the + icon to add an item
  • Select pencil icon (above the line) to:
    • Bulk enable/disable/disable next all items
    • Re-order items
    • Assign a Template to all items
  • Select the pencil icon next to an item to rename the item within the Burst
  • Select the Trash icon to delete the item

Item Details

  • Status: Set item status
  • Settings: Configure Item Settings
  • Document Source: Configure Document Source
  • Create MCL: Create a MultiColumn List to supply all parameter and/or filter values
  • Open Data Source: Open and edit the Data Source (Database Query/MultiColumn List) assigned as the Document Source


Configure static values or provide values from a Data Source (if applicable).


Add a filter and manage filter Data Source (if applicable).


Add and manage item Deliveries.


Configure Burst item Content Grouping.


Add one or more Actions based on Burst status.


Configure Burst-level email settings, Content Validation, and Excel Lookups.


View objects referenced by the Burst and objects that reference the Burst.


When a Burst is a Running status, an Unlock option will appear (top right). This option is only available to Administrators and is intended for use when a Burst has completed but its status has not been properly updated. Use of this option will kill a running Burst.

Burst Security

When a Burst is executed the Platform Credentials associated with the executing user are applied to any documents within the Burst. When a user adds a burst to a schedule, that user's Provider Logon credentials are used to execute any bursts/documents within the schedule.

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