This article describes document processing and other document-level options.

Processing Mode

Assign a specific BusinessObjects processing server type for processing of a Burst document.

  • Server On Demand: Utilizes the processing server
  • Server Instance: Utilizes the job server

Max Generation

This setting controls the total runtime of a document within a Burst (Open > Close). If Max Generation is exceeded, then the document processing will be terminated and retried (x2). Number of retries is configurable.

Email Subject

Use this option to customize the subject line of an email delivery for a specific Burst document. Delivery Mode must be set to Immediate to use this option.

Parameter LOV Validation

Control if or how values passed to a BusinessObjects document parameter are validated against the default BusinessObjects list of values (LOV).
  • Default: Use system default
  • Abort (default): Abort if parameter value does not match default BusinessObjects LOV
  • Continue: Detect if parameter value does not match default BusinessObjects LOV, return informational message and continue processing
  • Off: Disable validation

Content API URL

Configure Content API URL to extract a PDF or Excel file from an external system via a RESTful Web Service request and include the resulting file in the document delivery.

  • Method: Select the Web Service API request method
  • URL: Enter the request URL
  • Optional Headers: Select to define request headers (optional)
  • Body: Enter request body details if request method is POST
  • Expected return format: Select the file format of the file to be returned by the request
  • Optional file name suffix: Enter an optional file name suffix

See Also

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Empty Document Source

Select this option to ignore an empty Document Source (no Abort).

Empty Data Provider Options
  • Deliver empty content (default): Deliver content even when the document data provider contains no data
  • Log message in activity log: Document content will not be delivered. Informational message will be added to the activity log regarding empty data provider. 
  • Notify email recipient: Document content will not be delivered. For email deliveries, send an email notifying recipients when/why content delivery is suppressed.

See Also

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Failed Delivery Condition Notification
  • Notify if a delivery condition fails: For email deliveries, select this option to send an email notifying recipients when a Delivery Condition is not satisfied.