This article describes the Activity Log. This log represents the runtime of a Burst or XDC.

Access the Activity Log
  • Open the Burst or XDC and select the a1W3NaX5lZMmnZyMvlOJFb090v5cVQiGjg.png icon
  • From the main user interface select the Activity Logs tab

Activity Log Panel

  • Name: Burst or XDC name
  • Owner: Burst or XDC owner
  • Schedule: Schedule with which the burst or XDC execution is associated. If the burst or XDC is executed independent of a schedule, status will read Immediate Burst
  • Elapsed: Total elapsed execution time
  • View Options: View the log per document/data source or overall timeline
  • Status: Status of the execution (successful, failed or executing)
  • Started/Ended: Start and end times
  • Item Details: Select a step to view details. Select the mF8HkA4fsqMpktDvOVFDUY7szuQy4HiKmA.png to view the detail message in an expanded window. 
  • Email It To Me: Email yourself a copy of the Activity Log

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