This article describes the Burst Processing Options.


Open the Burst and select the Burst tab.

Generation Mode

Determines how Burst items are processed.
  • Sequential: Process items sequentially
  • Parallel: Process items in parallel

Delivery Mode

Determines when documents are delivered during Burst execution.
  • At End: Delivery is deferred to the end of the burst. Required to group content into a single email message per recipient in the burst.
  • Immediate: Delivery occurs when item processing completes

Abort Behavior

Specify Burst behavior when a Burst action aborts. Abort Behavior setting does not apply to the Delivery phase of the Burst.

  • Stop with no delivery (default): Stop all item processing and deliver no content
  • Continue with no delivery: Stop current item processing and deliver no content. Continue processing other items.
  • Continue with delivery: Stop current item processing and deliver partial content. Continue processing other items.
  • Continue with retry: Continue processing and retry failed steps. Requires At End Delivery Mode. Does not apply to failed steps that occur within the Deliver phase of the Burst.
    • # Retries: Enter retry number (max 10)
    • Enable Recovery Mode: If Burst aborts after all retries, then save its state and enable Recovery Mode. State refers to all steps that completed and content successfully generated. In Recovery Mode, the Burst will only run for fail steps and then deliver all content upon completion. A Burst in Recovery Mode will display a blue  Run  button. To invoke Recovery Mode, the Burst must by run manually.