This article describes the Burst Processing Options.


Open the Burst and select the Burst tab.

Generation Mode

Determines how Burst items are processed.
  • Sequential: Process items sequentially
  • Parallel: Process items in parallel

Delivery Mode

Determines when documents are delivered during Burst execution.
  • At End: Delivery is deferred to the end of the burst. Required to group content into a single email message per recipient in the burst.
  • Immediate: Delivery occurs when item processing completes

Abort Behavior

Specify Burst behavior when a Burst action aborts. Abort Behavior setting does not apply to the Delivery phase of the Burst.

  • Stop On Abort (default): Stop all item processing when an action aborts.
  • Continue With No Delivery: Stop current item processing when item action aborts and deliver no item content. Continue processing remaining items.
  • Deliver When Possible: Stop current item processing and deliver partial content. Continue processing remaining items.