This article describes how to use Content Grouping to burst a single document then group the results into a single Excel file (workbook).


A report returns CITY data. A simple refresh and publication of the report in Excel format results in a single Excel worksheet (tab) containing all CITY data. The requirement is to produce an Excel workbook where each worksheet contains a different set of CITY data. To achieve this requirement, the report is burst by CITY. Content Grouping (by Burst) is then used to group the individual CITY outputs into a single Excel workbook.

 Tab Naming

When bursting a single document and grouping the resulting reports to Excel, custom tab names can be defined. By default, worksheets (tabs) are auto-named, using the original report tab name appended with the bursting value (example =  SUMMARY_ARIZONA). Worksheet names can be customized using the [$XLTAB] macro in combination with other system macros or static text.

Macro Example



SUMMARY - ARIZONA - 09-18-13 

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