This article describes Cache Queries. Use SQL to query a cache to return a subset of the total cache data then consume the query from a dashboard or web application.


The XDC must be refreshed before the Cache Queries tab is accessible. After the refresh, select the XDC tab then the Cache Queries tab.


InfoBurst uses the SQLite database engine to store and manage data caches. Cache Queries must use SQL syntax that is supported by SQLite. See the following guide for SQLite query syntax examples and usage.

Create a Cache Query

  • Select the Cache Queries tab
  • Name: Enter a query name
  • SQL: Enter a SQL statement
  • Select the Save button then the Run button to test the query
  • Select the New Query button to add addition queries

Column Names

Uncheck this option to omit column names from the Cache Query result.

Copy a Cache Query

Select a Cache Query then select the Copy button to make a copy of the query.


To obtain the URL for a Cache Query, select and run the query then select the Copy URL button.

Cache URL Access

The cache can be accessed via URL based on cache configuration:
  • Cache: http://[SERVER]:8551/infoburst/rest/get/xdc/[XDCID]
  • Cache with Key: http://[SERVER]:8551/infoburst/rest/get/xdc/[XDCID]?k=[VALUE]
  • Cache Query: http://[SERVER]:8551/infoburst/rest/exec/xdcqry/[XDCID]?q=[QUERY]
  • Cache Query with Parameter: http://[SERVER]:8551/infoburst/rest/exec/xdcqry/[XDCID]?q=[QUERY]&[PARAMETER]=[VALUE]

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