This article describes the various options available in XDC Properties.


Select the mF8HkA4fsqMpktDvOVFDUY7szuQy4HiKmA.png icon to open XDC Properties.

  • Generation Mode: Determines how multiple data sources are processed in the XDC
    • Sequential: Refresh data sources serially
    • Parallel: Refresh data sources in parallel
  • Cache Key: A cache key is displayed when the data source contains a parameter. The key can be used for offline dashboard delivery or selecting a specific cache from the dashboard.

    • The cache key is selectable when the data source contains more than one parameter.
    • When the data source contains one or more parameters, but bursting is not occurring, the cache key can be omitted.
  • Alert On Abort: Indicates whether the XDC is on the XDC Alert list
  • Last/Min/Max: Displays the last, minimum and maximum XDC execution times
  • Enable RTS Log: By default all actions during XDC execution are entered in the server log. To omit server logging for the XDC, uncheck the box. Disabling this option would be used to reduce the overall size of server logs.
  • Enable Usage Log: Enable tracking of cache and cache query requests for reporting purposes
  • Max Generation: This option determines the maximum number of minutes a process will run before it is terminated. The default threshold is 120 minutes and may be increased or decreased based on requirements.
  • Allow Cache Query: Uncheck to disable cache query access from a dashboard
  • Email On Abort: Send an email notification to the XDC owner in the event of an abort


Apply one or more actions on one or more XDC statuses.

Add an Action

  • Select a status
  • Select green plus button to select an action


  • Publish to Tableau: Select the ellipsis button and select a Delivery Template
  • Publish Cache To: Used to deliver XML resulting from an XDC refresh to a network share
    • Select the ellipsis button and select a Network Share
    • Specify a file name using static text or system macros and the .xml extension. If the datasource is bursted on a parameter, the parameter value can be use for file naming. Parameters other than the key parameter can also be used to name the file.
  • Publish Snapshot To: Snapshot is used for support purposes.
    • Select Get Snapshot to generate snapshot
    • Select the ellipsis button and select a Network Share


Select and download a dashboard connector (.xlx).