This article describes how to capture XDC usage data in a reporting table.

Enable Logging

An XDC must be enabled for logging before information about the XDC usage will be available in the IBT_SYS_CACHE table located in the InfoBurst repository

  • Open the XDC
  • Select XDC Properties
  • Select Enable Usage Log
  • Select the Save button

Cache Table Data Fields

  • CacheID
  • CacheName
  • CachePath
  • CacheKey
  • AccessDate
  • AccessType
  • AccessUserID
  • AccessUserName
  • C1
  • C2
  • C3
  • C4
  • Meta

The CacheID, CacheName, CachePath, AccessDate, AccessType, AccessUserID and AccessUserName columns are always used whenever data is written.

When a cache is accessed, a record will be written to the table with:
  • AccessType=0 
  • CacheKey=the Cache Key (if used) 
  • C1=selected blocks (if used) 
  • Meta=custom data from connector 

When a cache is queried, a record will be written to the table with:
  • AccessType=1 
  • C1=Query Name 
  • C2=Query Parameters (if used) 
  • Meta=custom data from connector