This article describes InfoBurst Apps (IB Apps). IB Apps are Javascript web applications that can be developed using the InfoBurst API and other resources to create data visualizations (dashboards) using web technologies like HTML5, jQuery and CSS3. Apps combine XDC for data management and third-party user interface and data visualization widgets. Apps are lightweight, fast and can be deployed across various desktop and mobile platforms.


The API documentation for IB Apps is available at the following address:


 Kendo UI


Kendo UI widgets are available via the API. Complete information about available widgets and their documentation are available at the Kendo website.


If your IB Apps project is develop by InfoSol, Kendo UI licensing is bundled with the delivered app or apps. If you develop an app independent of InfoSol, you must obtain licensing from Kendo to use their components. Contact InfoSol Help Desk for details.

 Sample Apps

View sample apps here

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