This article describes the InfoBurst Platform Web Service API.


The Web Service API guide is attached to this article.

VB.NET Code Example

Below is a simple example of how to configure a SOAP proxy in VB.NET


Imports System.ServiceModel

Module Module1

    Sub Main()

        Dim Server As String = "localhost"
        Dim Port As String = "8550"
        Dim Scheme As String = "http://"

        Dim Url As String = String.Format("{0}{1}:{2}/InfoBurst/Soap", Scheme, Server, Port)
        Dim EndPoint As New EndpointAddress(New Uri(Url))
        Dim Http As New BasicHttpBinding()

        Dim client As New IBEService.InfoBurstSoapClient(Http, EndPoint)

        'Get SystemInfo
        Dim info As IB_SysInfo = client.GetSystemInfo()

        'Get the version from response
        Dim version As String = info.InfoBurstVersion
    End Sub

End Module