This article describes the various options for simulating deliveries during Burst execution. Simulating deliveries allows for Burst execution, which includes all report processing (refresh, filter, publish, etc.), while suppressing delivery of report content.


Simulate Deliveries can be enabled at the individual Burst level.

  • Open the Burst
  • Select the Burst tab
  • Check Simulate Deliveries
  • Select the Save button


Enable the SimulateAllDelivers option to simulate deliveries for all Bursts globally. This option does not set the Simulate Delivery option at the Burst level. Delivery simulate cannot be disabled at the Burst level using this option.

  • Open a command prompt on the InfoBurst server (Run as administrator)
  • Change directory to the InfoBurst application root folder (default = C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoSol\InfoBurstPlatform)
  • Enter IBConfig SimulateAllDeliveries True
  • Enter IBConfig to confirm the change
  • Restart the InfoBurstPlatform service

Change the setting to False to enabled deliveries.

Simulate All Bursts

The IBMAINT command Simulate All Bursts enables the Simulate Deliveries option at the Burst level for all Bursts. It is possible to disable the Simulate Deliveries option at an individual Burst level using this option.

The IBMAINT command Reset Simulate All Bursts will disable the Simulate Deliveries option for all Bursts, including any Burst that had the option enabled prior to using Simulate All Bursts. You must manually reset these Bursts after use of Reset Simulate All Bursts.

Simulate All Bursts

  • Open IBMaint
  • Enter the number for Simulate All Bursts to enable the Simulate Delivery option for all Bursts

Reset Simulate All Bursts

  • Open IBMaint
  • Enter the number for Reset Simulate All Bursts to disable the Simulate Delivery option for all Bursts