This article describes best practices for report design and PNG Image format settings for delivery to mobile devices.

PNG Image

PNG Image format is intended as an alternative to HTML for email deliveries. In the background, the report is first extracted in PDF format. A PNG image is then extracted from the PDF. Finally, the PNG image is delivered inline in a email message.

Rendering of HTML may vary depending on the email client used to view the message. PNG Image is a more reliable way of rendering report content inline in an email message. The format is also suitable for mobile deliveries. The image dimensions can be customized to fit the screen of the recipient's mobile device.

Report design will depend on the reporting requirement. However, not all reports are suitable candidates for viewing on a small mobile screen. Email clients on some mobile devices support pinch-­and-­zoom, making images representing complex reports easier to view. Other devices/email clients may not offer this feature. This tutorial will focus on report design and delivery specifically for the small screen of the mobile device where the recipient does not have to pinch­and­zoom to view the report content.


This example utilizes a Web Intelligence report containing one table and one chart.

Quality PNG Image delivery to mobile devices depends on a combination of proper report design, image resolution and consideration of the target device/email client. Experiment to find the right combination of these factors.

Report Design

The report is designed specifically for optimal viewing on the small mobile screen. TOP and LEFT margins are minimized to avoid unused space in the resulting image.

Report HEADER and FOOTER are disabled to avoid unused space in the resulting image.

Report fonts sizes are increased for easier viewing.

Report elements are sized to fit entire page.

Report elements are arrange top­-to-­bottom versus side-­by­-side to maximize visibility.

PNG Image Format & Delivery Configuration

PNG Image format orientation and image size are configured.

Email Table of Contents is disabled under Burst Properties to ensure PNG image is immediately visible in the email message.


Below are images of the resulting message viewed in a mobile email client.

Portrait View

Landscape View