This article describes the options available for suppressing delivery of empty Business Intelligence reports.

Option 1: Delivery Conditions

A Delivery Condition is a delivery-level option used to evaluate a data element within a Business Intelligence report. If the condition is false, then the report content will not be delivered. Multiple conditions may be applied to a single delivery. See Deliveries > Delivery Conditions for details.

For email deliveries, you can optionally send the recipient an email notification in place of the suppressed content delivery. See Destinations > Email Inbox >  Empty Data Provider or Condition Fail Message for details.

The Delivery Conditions option is preferred because it can be used with any Business Intelligence report type (WebI, Crystal, SSRS, etc.) and can focus on report-level data.

Option 2: Empty Data Provider (Web Intelligence only)

Empty Data Provider is a Burst document-level option that evaluates the report data provider after the document is refreshed. If either the Log message in activity log or Notify email recipient option is selected and the data provider is empty, then the document will not be delivered. See Document Options > Empty Data Provider Options for details.

This option is not preferred because the data provider may contain data, but the report (tab) does not contain data. In this scenario the delivery will be executed.