This article describes the process of bursting a Web Intelligence (WebI) document to create and deliver personalized, standalone Tableau Workbook (TWBX).


Tableau features require an add-on Tableau license. Contact InfoSol for licensing details.


The source TDE (Tableau Data Extract) referenced below must be generated from Web Intelligence (see Tableau Data Extract (TDE) from Web Intelligence).


Burst WebI to TWBX

Create a Tableau Workbook (TWBX) in Tableau Desktop to be used in InfoBurst as a template for bursting.

TWBX Burst

  • Add TWBX file to InfoBurst
  • Create a new Burst using the same Web Intelligence document and Report Part used to create the source TDE file
    • Do not use the same Burst used to create the source TDE file
  • Configure Parameter Source/Document Source/Filter for bursting (if applicable)
  • Add a Delivery
  • Configure Destination
  • Configure Format
    • Format: Tableau Packaged Workbook
    • TWBX to embed: Select TWBX file
    • Use first row as column headers: Uncheck if first row does not contain column headers
    • Tab to extract from: Select report tab report block
    • Report Block Leave blank if target report block is first report block on selected tab. Provide report block name if target report block is other than first block on tab.
  • Save burst and add to schedule (if applicable)

Tableau Reader

Recipient can view the resulting TWBX file with the free Tableau Reader

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