Most user guides are available directly online through  For your convenience, we have added a few of these links here.

4.2 Fixed Issues 

What's New in 4.2 SP3

Minor Release Update Guide 4.2

Business Intelligence Platform Administrator Guide 4.2 SP3

BI Launch Pad User Guide 4.2 

Data Access Guide 4.2 SP2

Information Design Tool User Guide 4.2 SP1 (Universe)

Business Intelligence Platform User Guide 4.2

Report Conversion Tool Guide 4.2

BusinessObjects BI Customization Guide 4.2

BI Workspace User Guide 4.2

BIP RESTful Web Service Developer Guide 4.2 SP3

SDK Developer Guide for Web Intelligence and Semantic Layer 4.2 SP3

RESTful Web Service SDK User Guide for Web Intelligence and the BI Semantic Layer 4.2 SP3