The InfoBurst Tab (IBTab) UNX Web Data Connector allows users to connect to an SAP BusinessObjects Universe to retrieve data.  The UNX Web Data Connector is an add-on to IBTab - facilitating Tableau integration with SAP BusinessObjects.

In this workflow, we'll connect to a Universe. create a query with filters, and retrieve the data into Tableau Desktop.

Option 1:  Watch the Video Tutorial

Option 2:  Review the step by step directions

To use the UNX Web Data connector, from Tableau Desktop, connect using Web Data Connector.

Enter the URL to the UNX Web Data Connector.  The URL is http://{InfoBurst Server}:8000/  (Note:  Please see Appendix A for configuration instructions)

Enter the Credentials for the BusinessObjects environment.

Next, select the objects from the Universe to bring into Tableau.

If filters are required, these can be specified as well.

Tableau will then execute the query against the BusinessObjects Environment/Universe selected.

Data from an SAP BusinessObjects Universe imported directly into Tableau using the IBTab UNX Web Data Connector.

Appendix A - UNX Web Data Connector Configuration

Navigate to the URL:  URL is http://{InfoBurst Server}:8000/help

Server Manager will show a list of configured SAP BusinessObjects environments that have been configured for the IBTab UNX Web Data Connector.  To edit an existing entry, click on the line containing the details.

This is the screen for adding/editing SAP BusinessObjects application servers.  Enter the server URL or name, and user credentials.  Please note that the credentials entered here will determine which Universes will be available in the UNX Web Data Connector.