This article describes how to consume an InfoBurst XDC (XML Data Cache) from Microsoft Power BI.

XDC ID and Cache Query Name

Before connecting to InfoBurst via Power BI, you must first determine the XDC ID and name of the Cache Query you will consume from Power BI. To locate the XDC ID, open the XDC. The XDC ID is located to the right of the Name field.

Connect Power BI

To consume an XDC Cache Query from Power BI:

  • Open Power BI
  • Select Get Data > From Web
  • With the Basic radial selected, enter the following in the URL field (supports HTTPS where applicable):
    • Cache Query: http://<SERVER>:8551/infoburst/rest/exec/xdcqry/<XDC_ID>?q=<CACHE_QUERY_NAME>&json=1
      • Example: http://ibprod:8551/infoburst/rest/exec/xdcqry/15077?q=revenue_all&json=1
    • Cache Query with Parameter: http://<SERVER>:8551/infoburst/rest/exec/xdcqry/<XDC_ID>?q=<CACHE_QUERY_NAME>&<PARAMETER_NAME>=<PARAMETER_VALUE>&json=1
      • Example: http://ibprod:8551/infoburst/rest/exec/xdcqry/15077?q=revenue_all&revenue_state=California&json=1
    • Copy the Cache Query URL from the XDC in Build 237 or later
  • If prompted for credentials, then select Basic and enter InfoBurst credentials
  • In the Power Query Editor, select To Table
  • Select OK on the subsequent To Table dialogue
  • Select the expand button
  • Select the desired columns then select OK