The InfoBurst Portal is based on HTML and CSS files available in the InfoBurst application root folder (default = C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoSol\InfoBurstPlatform\Apps\_SystemApps\Portal) and those files can be edited to customize portal appearance. InfoBurst does not provide tools for portal customization. Your web developer can edit these files to achieve the desired customizations.


Please review the following guidelines prior to editing InfoBurst Portal files:

  • Back up the PortalĀ folder (default = C:\Program Files (x86)\InfoSol\InfoBurstPlatform\Apps\_SystemApps\Portal) before making changes to HTML and CSS files
  • Edit at your own risk. InfoSol does not provide support for portal customizations. Restore the original backup if changes break portal functionality.
  • Applying an InfoBurst update will overwrite the customized files with default files. Back up the customized files prior to an update, run the update, then overwrite the default files with your customized files.
  • InfoSol is currently developing an Angular-based HTML user interface for InfoBurst. The current portal will be replaced in the next few years. Any customizations would need to be revisited at that time.
  • InfoSol can provide a service to customize the portal to your specifications and then deliver to you the customized files. Contact usĀ for service details.