This article describes management and use of Parameter Alias. Parameter Alias can be used to create a simple alias to a more complex bursting parameter or filter variable name. Parameter Alias is located under System.


  • Document contains parameter Enter value(s) for State:. You want to reference the parameter value in a file name using a macro (e.g. [=Enter value(s) for State:] ). Create parameter alias state then reference the alias instead of the original parameter name (e.g. [=state] ).
  • Parameters across multiple documents reference the same report variable (object) but with different parameter names (e.g. Enter value(s) for State: ,Enter State:, etc.). Create a single alias to reference multiple parameter names.

Create a Parameter Alias

  • Select New Alias
  • Alias Name: Enter an alias name
  • Parameter: Select a parameter to add to the alias list. Multiple parameters may be added to the list.
  • Filter Variable: Enter a filter variable name and press Enter to add to the alias list. Multiple filter variables may be added to the list.

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