This article describes Burst-level email options and Excel lookups.

Burst-Level Email Options

Any option configured in this section will apply to all email deliveries in the Burst.
  • Subject: Enter an email subject. Customize the subject using static text and/or  Macros. Configure item-specific subjects in Burst Item Settings.
  • Subject (If No Delivery): If a Delivery uses Delivery Condition, then optionally configure a subject for the No Delivery email notification to email recipients. Customize the subject using static text and/or MacrosDelivery Mode must be set to Immediate to use this option. 
  • From: Customize the FROM email address. Overrides the system default.
  • Message: Enter a message using static text and/or Macros. The message field supports simple HTML tags (example: <P>) for message formatting.
    • Message At Top: Message is placed above inline content by default. Uncheck this option to place message below 
  • Footer: Customize the email footer message. Overrides the system default. Footer field supports HTML tags. Enter HTML tags with no content (example = <div></div>) to omit the footer.
  • Layout Options
    • Table of Content: Organize the message using a table of contents
    • Document Sections: Organize the message using sections
    • None: No table of contents or sections
  • Group Attachments: By default, one email is sent containing all attachments for the recipient. Un-check to send to the recipient one email per attachment. This option requires Delivery Mode At End.
  • Ignore Missing Recipients: Select this option to ignore instances when a bursting value has no corresponding email address in the bursting Data Source. Default behavior is to abort when the recipient address is missing.
  • Zip Attachments: Zip all attachments per email recipients to a single zip file
  • Zip Name: Specify a file name using static text and/or Macros
  • Password (optional): Supply a password to protect the .ZIP file. Select Use Macro to supply customized password(s) using the Extra Column macro.
  • Test Email: Store all Burst emails for Review. Emails are not sent to recipients when this option is enabled.
  • Defer for Validation: Configure to hold all email deliveries for Review.
    • Select Defer for Validation to enable
    • Group: Select the InfoBurst user group responsible for validating email content
    • Wait: Configure the number of hours to wait for validation. Content is deleted after this period if not approved.
    • Delete After: Configure the number of days to retain approved content. Approved content will be deleted after this period. Enter 0 to retain the content indefinitely.

Excel Lookups

Use an Excel table to supply values for Burst item parameters. See Excel Lookups for details.