This article describes the WebI to PDF/Excel Workflow. This Workflow is used to produce an Excel or PDF file from WebI and deliver the file to Email recipients or a Network Folder.

Select New > Workflow > WebI to PDF/Excel 

1 - Document

  • Select a Platform and Continue
  • Select a Document
  • Select Continue

2 - Prompts

  • Add Prompt values (if applicable)
  • Select LOV to select values from BusinessObjects
  • Select Multi-Pass to create one Hyper file per prompt value
  • Select Continue

3 - Filters

If filtering is not required:

  • Select Continue

If filtering is required:

  • Add one or more Filters
  • Add one or more semicolon delimited filter values or select Use All Values to use list of values from WebI data
  • Select Continue

4 - Delivery

Select Destination and Format options then select Continue.


Network Folder

  • Select a Folder
  • File Name (optional): Enter a static file name or select the M icon to create a file name using macros
  • Email Notification (optional): Add one or more recipients and a notification message to be sent when content is delivered
  • Zip Options (optional): Specify a Zip file name and password (optional)
  • Credentials: Do not configure network credentials unless advised by your InfoBurst administrator


  • Add one or more Recipients
  • File Name (optional): Enter a static file name or select the M icon to create a file name using macros
  • Message (optional): Enter a message
  • Zip Attachments (optional): Specify a Zip file name and password (optional)



  • Content Password (optional): Enter a password to password-protect PDF file
  • Split Report Tab(s): Select tabs(s) to publish and select Recombine to combine selected views into a single file


  • Select Format Excel (.xlsx)
  • Select View(s): Select view(s) to publish
  • Add Extension (optional): Add one ore more Excel extensions

5 - Schedule

  • When: Select and configure a Schedule frequency
  • Select Continue

6 - Summary

  • Workflow Summary: Summary of Workflow configuration
  • Run Now: Run Workflow on demand
  • Unwrap Workflow: Administrator-only option to split Workflow into its component parts (Document/Burst/Schedule)