This article describes the process to host dashboard and web applications in the InfoBurst Portal.


Publish .DASH File

The dashboard is uploaded to the InfoBurst Portal as a .dash file. To publish a .dash file from the Squirrel365 Designer:

  • Select Preview
  • Select Publish > Local
  • Select Export As > .dash

Portal Upload

InfoBurst user role Administrator is required to upload a dashboard to the InfoBurst Portal. To upload a dashboard:

  • Open the InfoBurst Portal
  • Open the target folder
  • Select Actions > Upload .dash
  • Select Choose File and select a .dash file
  • Select Upload

Portal ID

Capture the ID of the InfoBurst Portal user viewing a dashboard via Squirrel External Parameter and use the ID value in the dashboard solution.

Squirrel Designer

  • Select Functions > Add a function type > External Parameters > +
  • Select the External Parameter
  • Change Name to IBE-User
  • Change Type to JS Message
  • Map Destination to cell receiving Portal ID 

InfoBurst Portal

  • Upload the .dash file to the InfoBurst Portal
  • Select Actions > Edit
  • Select the </> icon on the dashboard
  • Select Provide IBE-User via External Parameter

Custom Web Applications

Host a custom web application to the Portal.

Create Application

  • Select Actions > New Application
  • Name: Add application name
  • Launch Page: Define name of application launch page
  • Launch Options: Select desired launch option
  • Select Create

Upload Application Files

  • Add all application files and folders to a .zip file
  • Select Actions > Edit
  • Select the </> icon on the application
  • Select Browse
  • Select the .zip file
  • Select Upload

Launch Options

Control how the dashboard is rendered when selected.

  • Select Actions > Edit
  • Select the </> icon on the dashboard
  • Select Launch Options then desired option

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