This article describes the process to deliver a Squirrel365 dashboard as a standalone file for offline consumption. This process is only supported for a dashboard that uses one or more InfoBurst XDC Cache Query connectors.


In addition to any XDC Cache Query connectors, the dashboard must contain an XDC Cache connector. The connector must be mapped to the target XDC and the Enable Cache Key Bursting option must be selected under Cache Key Bursting.

Offline Dashboard Delivery

Publish .DASH File

To publish a .dash file from the Squirrel365 Designer:

  • Select Preview
  • Select Publish > Local
  • Select Export As > .dash

Add .DASH File to InfoBurst

To add the .dash file to InfoBurst:

  • Copy the .dash file to a registered Network Folder
  • Open the target folder in InfoBurst
  • Select New > Document > Source Location = Network Folder > Select Document(s)
  • Select the .dash file then Select

Create a Burst

Offline Dashboard Consumption

The dashboard consumer must have installed the InfoBurst Dash Viewer (Windows only). The dashboard is opened in the Dash Viewer by double-clicking the .dash file.