This article describes the process to view an InfoBurst-hosted dashboard in a PowerPoint slide. 


The dashboard must be uploaded to the InfoBurst Portal and the PowerPoint user must have connectivity to the InfoBurst server.

Administrator Setup

The following tasks must be completed by InfoBurst and Office 365 administrators before an end user can view a dashboard in PowerPoint.

Enable PowerPointViewer

An InfoBurst administrator must enable PowerPointViewer and download a manifest file before InfoBurst-hosted dashboards can be used in PowerPoint.

  • Select System > Configuration > Category:Portal > PowerPointViewer
  • Select Yes and Save
  • Select Download Manifest to save manifest file (required for next step)

Publish & Install PowerPoint Add-in

The InfoBurst Dash Presenter add-in must be installed in PowerPoint. The following Microsoft article explains the process to publish the add-in to Office 365 SharePoint using the manifest file mentioned above and install the add-in in PowerPoint:

Publish task pane and content add-ins to a SharePoint app catalog - Office Add-ins

If the add-in cannot be published to Office 365 SharePoint, then it is possible to load the add-in manually to PowerPoint using the "sideload" method described in the following article:

Sideload Office Add-ins for testing from a network share - Office Add-ins

Dashboard Viewing

To view a dashboard in a PowerPoint slide using the InfoBurst Dash Presenter add-in:

InfoBurst Portal

  • Upload the dashboard to the InfoBurst Portal
  • Obtain the PowerPoint Embed ID:
    • Open the dashboard in the InfoBurst Portal
    • Select Actions > Get PowerPoint Embed ID


  • Select a slide
  • Select Insert > My Add-ins and select the InfoBurst Dash Presenter add-in
  • Paste the PowerPoint Embed ID into the Insert the link (PPTX ID) here: field and select Confirm