This article describes the Cache Database Query Workflow. This Workflow is used to produce a data cache from a database query for use by a dashboard.

Select New > Workflow > Cache DBQuery

1- DB Query

  • Select a Database Connection and Continue
  • Select a Query or Create New Query
  • Select Continue

2 - Parameters

  • Add one or more semicolon delimited values
  • Select Continue

3 - Cache Query

Create one or more Cache Queries if applicable. Database query must be executed and cache created before Cache Query creation is possible. Select Click to Refresh to refresh the database query and create the cache.

4 - Schedule

  • When: Select and configure a Schedule frequency
  • Select Continue

5 - Summary

  • Workflow Summary: Summary of Workflow configuration
  • Run Now: Run Workflow on demand
  • Unwrap Workflow: Administrator-only option to split Workflow into its component parts (Document/Burst/Schedule)