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Burst Filter Error: The resource of type "Driller" is already created.


In a WebI burst using filtering. burst fails on FILTER step with the following error:

The resource of type "Driller" is already created.


Filtering involves InfoBurst invoking the drill feature in WebI. This issue occurs when either the DRILL or 


Per report tab, disable the Drill and Filter Bar options then save the document.


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Further to this, we have discovered that you may have to perform some additional steps to resolve this issue if it persists after removing the filter bar:

1. If there are filter bar filters enabled, make the filter bar visible, then click on the filter dropdown, and select "Remove" (Note, this will have to be repeated on each tab if the filter is duplicated).


2. Once all filters are removed and the filter bar hidden on all tabs, Click the "Filter" button on the far left of the toolbar.


3. You can then configure any filters to achieve the same result, as this utilises different code within BO, you can still filter the document within a Burst in InfoBurst.



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