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File Naming Issue Where Value Contains Illegal Character

I am trying to burst a report to a network share resulting in one PDF document per STORE. I am able to get it to deliver the very first report, but then for each subsequent report it gives me an error that it can't fine part of the destination path.


Error ==> Could not find a part of the path '\\share1\Store Report for West/1'

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This error is occurring because the resulting file name includes the value supplied for parameter Store. The value supplied is West/1. The slash character (/) is an illegal character in a Windows file name. To overcome the issue, the replace macro can be used to replace the slash with a legal character like underscore (_).

The customized file name is currently:

[$DOCNAME] for [=Store]


Store Report for West/1

Use the replace macro to replace the / with _:

[$DOCNAME] for [@rpl(Store,/,_)]


Store Report for West_1

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